Monday, 6 February 2017

Super Troopers

                  Super Troopers:

The Super Troopers programme is working very well with and complements the Food Dudes programme ongoing in our school at this time. It is part of our plan and efforts to get an Active Flag for our school. This programme focuses on increasing physical activity levels among children. It ensures children have fun and enjoy getting fit, healthy and active. It covers all aspects of a healthy lifestyle - 
*physical activity
It encourages a healthy lifestyle which we will continue to reap the benefits of for life and will help us achieve an Active Flag, so keep trying your best!  

Food Dudes programme- Healthy eating

                                            FOOD DUDES:
Food Dudes is a programme designed to promote healthy eating both in school and at home. It's a fun, effective programme that encourages children to include more fruit and vegetables into their diet. The children receive lots of stickers/ prizes and certificates throughout the programme, as well as letters from the Food Dudes characters which keeps them motivated and interested. They learn a lot about food nutrition and the importance of healthy eating and all the benefits of having a variety of fruit and vegetables in our daily lives. 
When you eat better, you feel better!

Active Flag-- Excellent efforts!

Active Flag continued: 

We are well on our way to achieving an Active School Flag for our school, thanks to the continued joint effort made by our teachers, parents and most importantly all our pupils each week.

Between Active line/ Circuits/ Super Trooper activities/ Friday School Fun Run and most recently the Food Dudes programme.....we are super active, healthy and busy, well done everybody, keep up the good work!!!

Active Line:
Active line exercises still going strong and getting more challenging each week.....

Every Thursday First class pupils set up various activities in the playground at lunch time for everyone to take part in and enjoy.....

Friday School Fun Run:
Special thank you to all parents who take part in the fun run every Friday, your participation really encourages all involved and builds the school team spirit ....