Tuesday, 18 October 2016

What is the Active Flag?

In order to get an Active Flag we have to show how physically active and educated the school is as a whole. We have to work hard on three areas - Physical Education, Physical Activity and Partnerships.

Once we show how physically active we have been we hope to be awarded the title of Active Flag School (AFS) and we will get our Active Flag to raise outside the school.

This year the school will be taking part in as many physical activities and initiatives as possible in the hope that we can achieve an Active Flag.

Please help us to achieve this by taking part and encouraging your children to take part in any active events organised by the school. We might even ask parents to participate in activities from time to time!

For more information please see the Active Schools website:


Monday, 17 October 2016

Active Line

The first activity we started was our "Active Line".

Everyday when the boys and girls are playing in the playground they line up to return to their classes. But...this line just got interesting! They now take part in an "Active Line".

This means that the teacher supervising the yard will call out an activity for all the boys and girls to do. Activities range from running on the spot, jumping jacks, squats, star jumps or even burpees!! 

The best line is crowned the winner and receives a golden star. At the end of the week the line with the most amount of stars is treated to play on the grass with the footballs :)

Here are some pictures of us doing our "Active Line".